Checklist for Selling Property

It’s important to have a number of things in order before putting your property on the market. Here’s our step by step guide, follow all the steps to ensure a smooth selling process:

  1. Find out where your Title Deeds are. Ring your Solicitor.
  2. Before you put the property on the market talk to your Solicitor. This is so you can go through any potential issues or matters that need to be dealt with as quickly as possible before sale agreed.
  3. Print off your LPT print out history
  4. Go the County Council to get a certificate re NPPR Tax (2009 -2013 inc). Google NPPR Tax on, or
  5. Is your septic tank registered? If not register online with
  6. Is your BER cert completed?
  7. If you have added any extensions to the property since the 1st October 1964 then you need to employ an Engineer to ensure it is in compliance with planning permission granted and in compliance with Building Regulations. If no planning permission was applied for at the time do you need to consider Retention Permission. Would the extension have been exempt from Planning Permission – all of this your Engineer will explain to you.
For more information on selling your home, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Checklist for Selling Property