What We Do

Property Law

We thrive on buying and selling property and we would describe ourselves as “extremely proactive”. We will investigate the title, prepare you for what is ahead, explain the issues and steps in simple every day language and try to solve problems rather than create them with no resolution. Everyone wants a smooth purchase or sale and we are here to make this happen for you.

We recommend you download our free pdf booklet on “Buying and Selling Property” to get the heads up!

Not a month will pass by without us coming across a Client who will say their boundaries are not correct, their Right of Way is not registered or their ownership is incorrect. This can be extremely stressful to discover. On the ground everything will appear normal, but in reality their Title Deeds say differently.

At Wilson Daly Solicitors we work on the principal that Property Law shouldn’t be litigious and where possible parties should agree amicably. Of course if this is not possible then that’s when the Courts should be utilised.

Adverse Possession will show its face in many different disguises. For instance “the title to the home farm is still in the name of the late grandparents”, or “you have been farming the field that was swapped between neighbours generations ago”, all of these scenarios can be the subject of Adverse Possession.

Burying your head and ignoring it, won’t fix it, however we can certainly help.

Wills & Probate

Making Wills and advising our clients from a tax planning point of view is essential for anyone dealing with their property and assets. Making a Will, can take about two appointments, one for giving instructions, and the second for executing your Will. If you have an Accountant it is best to talk to your Accountant and your Solicitor at the same time.

A Grant of Probate or Grant of Administration is a required process (and document) needed in order to deal with a deceased person’s estate. If the deceased died leaving a Will then you need to apply for a Grant of Probate, if the Deceased died with no Will and the Estate has property or cash assets in excess of €25,000.00 then you need to take out a Grant of Administration Intestate.

At Wilson Daly Solicitors we are well experienced in this process. Most importantly this is a time when Tax Planning needs to be considered again. Of course when you deal with property after someone has died, you may need to transfer property to a beneficiary or in some circumstances sell property as per the terms of the Will. We can complete the whole process for you from start to finish.

General Legal Advice

There is no truer saying then “it’s not what you know it’s who you know”.  Everyday we deal with current clients and new clients, who are experiencing troubles or who just need some simple advice.  Consulting a Solicitor can give the clarity they need.  If you have a Family Law Problem or an Employment Law Problem, then you can consult with us, and if you still require a referral we will point you in the right direction to experienced colleagues who specialise in that area of law.